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Night Out

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Material: 3D Mink
Uses: Reusable up to 25 Wears
Effect: Fluttery, Full-Body, Wispy

Our mink lashes feature super lightweight and flexible cotton band. Lashes are easy to apply and wear all day. Plastic store-bought lashes will poke your inner corners and will lift off as well. Our lashes fit the shape of your eye naturally and easily. Compared to eyelash extensions our line of lashes offers a variety of styles to choose from so that you can change your look to suit any occasion. Put any pair on in the morning and take them off at night. There’s no damage to your lashes whatsoever, when wearing iikonn mink falsies. It is easier to clean your lashes after you remove them, compared to eyelash extensions. You can re-use our lashes for many times. Please refer to our ‘how to’ section for care and cleaning instructions. Each pair is individually hand made for an ultimate comfort. We believe in accentuating your natural features. Just like good quality hair extensions immediately transform and accentuate your look – so do luxury mink lashes. Soft fluffy lash adds a great deal of mystery and sophistication to your look. Just like hair extensions, our luxury mink lashes can be worn many times and will last you a great deal.

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Night Out

One of our most dramatic lashes, this 3D Mink lash is perfect for adding an intensely fluttery wing to your eye look. Can be worn with or without liner. Adds length, volume and seduction to any look, while still being incredibly lightweight for a comfortable wear.

100% Mink Hair
Lightweight Cotton Band
Flexible and Reusable for 25 times

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