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How to Apply


  1. Measure the length of lash band by gently placing them on your eyelid and trimming off excess from the outer part. If they are too long, they will create a droopy eyelid look, so make sure that your length is perfect and comfortable for you.
  2. Once your lashes are measured and cut to your liking, give your lashes a little bend so that they fit the shape of your eye better. Our eyelashes have already been pre-curled so there is no need to curl them.
  3. Apply the glue in a thin layer and give it around 30-40 seconds to dry. This is the most important part. Really, let the glue dry properly!
  4. Apply a layer of mascara on your own lashes and line your upper lid with a black liner. This will ensure smooth transition from your lid to the lash bend.
  5. Take a pair of tweezers and hold a strip of eyelashes in the middle of the bend.
  6. Look slightly down, your mirror should be low. Gently place a strip of lashes with tweezers onto the middle of your lid. Wait, breathe and then continue with securing both sides to your eye.
  7. Let glue to dry just a bit more and then gently squeeze with tweezers your natural eyelashes together with your minks. Doing this will ensure that no one will ever know you are wearing fake lashes.
  8. Don’t forget to put some mascara on your lower lashes to balance off the look.
  9. Go outside and enjoy the compliments and looks!
Step by Step instructions


After each use take a cue tip with water and go along the lash band to loosen the glue. Do not use any oil based makeup removers, they will destroy your lashes. Then gently peel the lashes from your eyelid. Soak lashes in alcohol solution for about 5 minutes. This will help dissolve the glue as well as clean any mascara and will disinfect your lashes.  After soaking, gently dry your lashes with a tissue and start peeling off left over glue with your fingers only. Glue that we recommend is by “kiss” and can be found at Walmart. Store your lashes in the container provided to ensure they keep their shape.